Full range planning and scheduling services from project inception through to completion.
OWCC recognises the central role played by planning and scheduling in the project management of capital projects. Our planning specialists are drawn from diverse backgrounds across construction and related industries.
The OWCC team provide support and monitoring of projects from inception through to completion, and post contract. We offer project audits, providing independent monitoring and reporting; together with feasibility audits, for the purposes of funding and economic evaluation.
Drawing on their industry wide expertise, our consultants provide robust delay and schedule analysis for prospective, and retrospective, extension of time entitlements and for the analysis of delay, acceleration, disruption, and loss of productivity.
Our techniques include:
• Programme evaluation and review techniques (PERT)
• Critical path analysis
• S curves
• Time location diagrams
• Line of balance
• Earned value analysis
• Time impact analysis / Windows analysis / As built vs as planned / As built but for analysis
• Monte Carlo simulation
• The Measured Mile

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