Supporting our clients throughout the process of dispute resolution.
On even the most well managed projects, disputes arise between the parties to the contract. OWCC offers worldwide support in dispute management and resolution, as well as assisting clients in the assessment of risk and avoidance of disputes. We work closely with legal practices involved in engineering and construction litigation.
Engineering and construction disputes are usually concerned with time and/or cost overruns and may involve the owner, developer, contractor, sub-contractor, and suppliers depending on the contractual matrix. OWCC delivers dispute solutions whether under formal legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This support covers analysis of commercial, planning and scheduling, project management, and technical issues.
• Preparation, defence, or negotiation of claims for extension of time, loss and/or expense, or general damages.
Expert Services
• Acting as expert witness – quantum, programme and schedule (cause and effect studies).
Arbitration and Litigation
• Acting as expert witness, providing expert reports and testimony
• Acting as advisor in arbitration, drafting claim and response documents
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
• Strategic advice in avoidance of disputes
• Dispute resolution boards
• Mediation
• Conciliation
• Expert determination

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