Contract Specialists for the Wind Industry

OWCC Ltd are a bespoke consultancy providing contract management services to the offshore wind industry. With a track record spanning since 2010 in the offshore wind industry OWCC have gained knowledge and experience since the start of construction of offshore wind farms that is unrivalled in the industry. 

Contract Management

Practical advice and support throughout an offshore project life-cycle, delivering contract management services from tender via contract award through project execution to financial completion. Our aim is to actively manage contracts to promote dispute avoidance and resolution in offshore wind farm projects.

Quantity Surveying

OWCC is able to offer clients contract professional services during the full lifetime of the project. OWCC offer a full range of pre-tender and measurement services for all offshore wind construction projects. Commissions are carried out by quantity surveyors, specifically trained in these processes, and who have a wealth of experience. Both computer aided and traditional methods of measurement are used to guarantee a fast, cost-effective, and reliable self-checking service.

Dispute Resolution

Supporting our clients throughout the process of dispute resolution. On even the most well managed projects, disputes arise between the parties to the contract. OWCC offers worldwide support in dispute management and resolution, as well as assisting clients in the assessment of risk and avoidance of disputes. We work closely with legal practices involved in engineering and construction litigation.

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The OWCC team has a sharp commercial focus, ensuring that our qualified staff deliver results that add value beyond client expectations.

  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Commercial Strategies
  • Change Control
  • Dispute Avoidance
Having a clear contractual and commercial strategy for managing the work and risks is essential to the successful delivery of an offshore project. OWCC are experts in this field, ensuring appropriate contract provisions and processes to be part of our core skill set.

Utilising our extensive dispute resolution knowledge, OWCC provides pre-contract services that can minimise the number, and size, of disputes on a contract and ensure that parties to a contract fully understand their risks and obligations.

Many construction claims are complex and require an in-depth understanding of the contract documents, contract legal context, and factual matrix. Our thorough understanding of these ingredients establishes a robust and effective claims submission. As part of OWCC core skill set, this knowledge is invaluable in the defence and negotiation of a claim.

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With an enviable track record for delivering on time and to budget, OWCC are committed to providing a fully integrated service throughout the life of the contract.
Pre-contract services are essential for maintaining proper contractual, programming and financial control from the earliest stages. This will help to avoid problems such as prejudice to tender prospects, uncertainty over contract terms, lack of identifiable intent and method statements, disparity between scope of work and price, and the unwitting acceptance of onerous terms.

The costs for failures of administrating a contract can be considerable. Each contract is unique and requires in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of the contract and the obligations entailed within. OWCC have extensive knowledge of contract formats such as FIDIC, LOGIC, NEC, JTC, IMCA, working under jurisdictions as varied as the Laws of England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany (BGB), Denmark, Holland and various state law in United States.
Our services include:

  • Production of tender and contract documentation
  • Assistance through tender negotiations
  • Cost planning
  • Contract reviews
  • Claim / variation preparation & management
  • Contractual strategic advice
  • Subcontract drafting and management
  • Cost control mechanisms
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Engineering and construction disputes are usually concerned with time and/or cost overruns and may involve the owner, developer, contractor, sub-contractor, and suppliers depending on the contractual matrix.
OWCC delivers dispute solutions whether under formal legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This support covers analysis of commercial, planning and scheduling, project management, and technical issues.
  • Preparation, defence, or negotiation of claims for extension of time, loss and/or expense, or general damages.
  • Acting as expert witness – quantum, programme and schedule (cause and effect studies).
  • Acting as advisor in arbitration, drafting claim and response documents
  • Acting as expert witness, providing expert reports and testimony
  • Strategic advice in avoidance of disputes
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Arbitration and Litigation
  • Mediation
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